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New isotopes 2022

New Isotopes 2022

Also this year, some isotopes were newly discovered or characterized - and as was to be expected, these are very short-lived atomic nuclei used for research.

Probably the most interesting report comes from the working group around Yu. Ts. Oganessian himself, referring to the generation and detection of Moscovium-286. This means that 5 Mc isotopes are now known; this synthesis was achieved by the reaction 243Am(48Ca, 5n).

This year, Finnish scientists reported on a new nuclide that has two superlatives to offer: Lutetium-149 is an isotope that, with a half-life of 450 ns, is the shortest-lived known proton emitter; at the same time, the atomic nucleus deviates the most from the ideal spherical shape.

Other new discoveries: Actinium-204, Lawrencium-251 and Thorium-207.


Standard atomic weight of lead has been changed

The atomic weight of the element lead was previously given as 207.2 ± 0.1 u. Now the IUPAC Commission on Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights (CIAAW) recommends changing the standard atomic weight (i.e. relative atomic mass) to 207.2 ± 1,1 and the interval notation [206,14; 207.94]. The assignment of an interval for the new standard atomic weight of lead reflects the frequent occurrence of fluctuations in isotopic abundances in normal terrestrial Pb materials (source: IUPAC) .


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