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Properties and data of the isotope 77Se.


See also: list of Selenium isotopes.


General data

Name of the isotope:Selenium-77; Se-77Symbol:77Se or 7734SeMass number A:77 (= number of nucleons)Atomic number Z:34 (= number of protons)Neutrons N:43Isotopic mass:76.9199142(5) u (atomic weight of Selenium-77)Nuclide mass:76.9012631 u (calculated nuclear mass without electrons)Mass excess:-74.59944 MeVMass defect:0.71872827600001 u (per nucleus)Nuclear binding energy:669.49107672 MeV (per nucleus)
8.69468931 MeV (average binding energy per nucleon)
Separation energy:SN = 7.41886(6) MeV (first neutron)
SP = 9.5971(9) MeV (first proton)
Half-life:stableSpin and parity:
(nuclear angular momentum)
1/2-Magnetic dipole moment:μ(μN) = +0.53356(5)Charge radius:4.1395(18) femtometer fmYear of discovery:1922


Parent Nuclides

Direct parent isotopes are: 77Br, 77As.



Comparison of the natural Selenium isotopes including isotopic abundance (mole fraction of the isotope mixture in percent):


Atomic Mass maQuantityHalf-lifeSpin
Isotopic mixture
78.971 u100 %
Isotope 74Se73.9224759(1) u0.86(3) %stable0+
Isotope 76Se75.9192137(2) u9.23(7) %stable0+
Isotope 77Se76.9199142(5) u7.60(7) %stable1/2-
Isotope 78Se77.917309(2) u23.69(22) %stable0+
Isotope 80Se79.916522(8) u49.80(36) %stable0+
Isotope 82Se81.916700(9) u8.82(15) %9.39(17) × 1019 a0+