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Chemical, physical and material properties and data of the chemical element Livermorium.



Livermorium - element symbol: Lv - is the name accepted by the IUPAC in May 2012 for the artificial chemical element 116 (systematic name: Ununhexium, Uuh).

The name was chosen in honor of the city of Livermore and the home of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (see also: discovery of flerovium and livermorium).


General Information about Livermorium

Regular nameLivermoriumChemical symbolLvOther namesElement 116Systematic nameUnunhexium, Uuh (until June 2012, now obsolete)Historical namesEka-Polonium, Eka-Po, (E116)Name meaning, originCity of Livermore, USA; headquarters of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.Discovery (year)(2000) - Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia / Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, USAOccurenceOnly artificially producible chemical element with no practical meaning.Position in the PSEGroup 16 (main group VIa), period 7, p-blockGroup membershipOxygen group, chalcogens, transactinides, superheavy elements, metals


Atomar Properties of Livermorium

Atomic number Z116 = number of protonsStandard Atomic Weight293.20449 (60)


Electron configuration of Livermorium

Due to its position in the periodic table, livermorium probably has 6 valence electrons: 7s2 7p4. The electron configuration is:


Abbreviated form: [Rn] 5f14 6d10 7s2 7p4.


Ionization Energies of Livermorium

The following table lists the ionization energies IE (ionization potentials); the IE is the energy required in electron volts (eV) per atom to separate a given electron from an Livermorium atom.



Isotopic Data of Livermorium

An overview of the nuclides as well as the isotopic data and properties are listed on the following page: Livermorium isotopes.


Chemistry of Livermorium


Oxidation states+ 2Electron affinity0.776 eV
74.9 kJ mol-1


Material and Physical Properties

Melting point700 °CEnthalpy of fusion (molar)7.61 kJ mol-1Boiling point1100 °CEnthalpy of vaporization42 kJ mol-1Density12.9 g cm-3


External Data, Identifiers

CAS registry number54100-71-9InChI =1S/LvInChIKeyONFASNXETZOODS-UHFFFAOYSA-N


Literature Sources and References

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[2] - S. Hofmann, S. Heinz, R. Mann et al.:
The reaction 48Ca + 248Cm → 296116* studied at the GSI-SHIP.
In: The European Physical Journal A, (2012), DOI 10.1140/epja/i2012-12062-1.

[3] - Kat Day:
Uuh? No. It's livermorium!.
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